Working Out Loud is a way to achieve your goals and realise your dreams by working in an open, generous and connected way. It's good for people, the workplace and the community.

Working Out Loud enables people to build a purposeful social network, become more effective and access more opportunities. You can work out loud to get closer to any goal you choose, related to your personal or professional interests. This happens by involving:


People are at the heart of working out loud. By people, we mean you as an individual, the people you know already, and people you don’t know yet!


You’ll start by deciding what’s really important to you. Then you’ll take a step-by-step approach to making it happen by connecting and collaborating with others.


Another important element to working out loud is technology. That’s because, as we’ve said, the process is about being open and connected in the way you work.


Whilst technology¬†isn’t at the core of the working out loud philosophy, it does help you to increase your reach¬†and meet more people.


Working Out Loud (WOL) Circles are groups that meet once a week, for twelve weeks, to help people to get started in working out loud for the first time.


Together, you’ll form new habits and new ways of doing things that will stay with you in the long-term.

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